Bring New Life to Your Car with Carnauba Wax

If you’re looking for the very best in car products, look no further than carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a popular ingredient in automotive washes and polishes, including our Code Premier 40% Carnauba Wax and Code Wash & Seal with Carnauba Wax. So what’s the big deal with carnauba and is it really worth the premium price tag? We say yes. And thousands of car lovers agree. Learn more about this miracle wax and what it can do for your car.

Carnauba wax: liquid gold for exteriors

Carnauba wax is gathered from a Brazilian palm tree called Copernica cerifera. The leaves create the wax to protect themselves from constant water intrusion and intense tropical sun. The wax is then harvested from the leaves a few times a year and used in several different commercial products. Not surprisingly, the natural qualities that protect the tree from harsh elements can also protect automotive paint. There’s really nothing out there that can keep your car looking better for longer.

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Carnauba flakes: nature’s hardest wax


We’re huge fans of carnauba wax, because it:

1. Creates a natural shine

Carnauba wax is the hardest wax found in nature. It’s harvested in flakes and then mixed with oils to create a silky liquid. When applied with a pad or cloth (found in our Wax Applicator Kit) it forms a protective barrier and adds a deep, rich showroom shine to your car’s finish. Best of all, it does it naturally without harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Many products on market claim to contain carnauba wax, but they don’t say how much. recommends a product that contains at least 20% carnauba wax to get the best shine.  Our Code Premier 40% Carnauba Wax contains 40% pure grade carnauba, which means you get more shine enhancing benefits and less fillers. Plus all of our products are handmade in the UK and hand-labelled in Australia.

2. Forms a superhero shield

Maybe we don’t live in a tropical rain forest, but the harsh Australian elements still affect our car. Even carefully sheltered cars are exposed to UV rays, ozone, dirt, rain, insect guts and bird poo. These elements collect on the car’s surface and create tiny scratches and oxidation, which over time turns that fire engine red to a hazy pink.

When carnauba wax is mixed into washes and waxes it creates the same UV and hydrophobic surfactant on your car. You can wax your vehicle in temps up to 75°C or even light rain. The water will bead up and roll off a car’s surface. This level of protection means your ride will stay as vibrant as the day you bought it.

3. Offers long lasting protection

Another thing we love about carnauba wax is how a little goes a long way. Some generic polishes or waxes require heaps of liquid to cover your car. But with the high concentration of carnauba in Code products, you’ll only need a tiny amount (about a 20cent coin) to cover an entire panel and protect your car for almost six months. Less is truly more.

There are several synthetic products out there promising superior paint protection. For example, there are polymer paint sealants, which form a rigid shell when applied to your vehicle’s paint. According to Autogeek, polymer sealants are glossy and slick, but they do not have the warmth and depth of carnauba.

So when you’re looking for long-lasting natural protection and shine, look no further than carnauba. It’s truly a natural wonder.

How to detail your car with carnauba wax products

It’s quick and easy to use carnauba wax to wash, polish and restore metal and chrome throughout your entire car. The Code easy-on, easy-off process can wax an average sized car in less than 20 minutes with only about 50ml of product. Ready to get started? See the easy steps to a showroom shine.

Want to test Code carnauba wax products for yourself? Call 1300 845 498 or message us to ask for a sample for your showroom or auto club. Or catch us in person at Bathurst 12 Hour on 3-5 February.


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