How to detail your car in 9 easy steps

Every enthusiast has their preferred way of detailing a car. Whilst many systems are similar, we believe our sequence is the best way to achieve perfection in detailing.


CODE_250ml_PremierMattDetailerWe always start with the interior because if you use a vacuum you’re going to blow dirt particles around the inside and outside of your car. If you have an air gun available, we recommend using it to shift embedded sand and dirt particles from the carpets and other tightly woven interior components. Air guns are also useful for blowing dirt and dust off the car before you start the external washing process. When you finish vacuuming the internal area of the car, clean and wipe it down with Cöde Premier Matte Detailer. You may also clean and treat the leather and other upholstery at this time.



CODE_500ml_PhNeutralAlloyWheelCleanerApply Cöde Ph. Neutral Alloy Wheel Cleaner to your dry cold alloy wheels and leave for five minutes. The product will bleed purple as the chemical starts to work. After five minutes, wash it off with a jet wash. Once this is done you may start the washing process.

If you have whitewall tyres, apply Cöde Whitewall Tyre Cleaner before you apply Cöde Ph. Neutral Alloy Wheel Cleaner. Apply Cöde Whitewall Tyre Cleaner to dry tyres only.



CODE_500ml_Wash&SealwithCarnaubaWaxThoroughly wet the car. If the car has a large build-up of old waxes and polishes or environmental nasties, then the vehicle should be washed with Cöde Surface Prep. Do one section at a time and rinse off as you go. If it’s a general wash, use Cöde Wash & Seal with Carnauba Wax.

Once the wash process is complete, dry off with a Cöde Luxury Drying Towel. Drying towels will not scratch the car’s finish, regardless of your paint type. Use a clean rinse bucket and do not ring the car water into the clean rinsing water.


LuxuryClayMitt_5_9999Clay mitting should be regarded as a completely separate process and will prepare the car’s paint in a similar fashion to Cöde Surface Prep. The choice is yours. Wet the vehicle first then spray liberal amounts of Cöde Clay Mitt Lubricant over the area that you’re working on. You’re aiming to achieve a very slippery surface. Next, glide the Cöde Clay Mitt over the lubricated surface to remove the foreign bodies. Wash out the clay mitt as required using the hose to keep it clean and efficient. After completing the clay mitting process, we recommend that you give the car a final wash or rinse before drying with a Cöde Luxury Drying Towel.


CODE_500ml_UltraFineAutoPolishOnce the car is fully dry, you may begin the paint correction process. Use an air gun to blow out hidden and hard to reach pockets of water before beginning your polishing process. Paint correction is performed using a polish. All polishes are abrasive so, by definition, any product that contains the word polish is an abrasive. Cöde Ultra-Fine Auto Polish is a ceramic cutting polish that performs brilliantly on all paint surfaces. The product may be applied by hand; however, you’ll achieve best results by using an orbital polisher.

CödeClean recommend using the Rupes’ polishers as there are a broad range of machines available in the Bigfoot Series and they’re all made in Italy – the home of Ferrari. Rupes have a colour-coded system for their polishing pads: blue is the most abrasive, followed by green, yellow and white. Always ensure that your pad is clean before use. You may soften the pad by spraying water onto it.


CODE_500ml_Premier40%CarnaubaWaxIf your paint surface doesn’t need correction, move straight to the waxing process. Wax products should not contain a polish unless stated. Cöde Premier 40% Carnauba Wax is in a liquid form. Less is best; it’s possible to wax a small or medium-sized car with only 50ml of this product.

The Code easy-on, easy-off process should wax a medium-sized car in less than 20 minutes. Apply the wax evenly over the vehicle surface. You may wax one section at a time or the whole car. Next, wipe off using a Cöde High Grade Microfibre Cloth. The Cöde Premier 40% Carnauba Wax can be removed effortlessly from the car’s surface.


CODE_500ml_HydrophobicGlassCleanerAfter you’ve removed the wax, use Cöde Auto Glass Cleaner & Polish on the inside of the glass and Cöde Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner on the outside of the glass.

Cöde Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner cleans and protects glass by causing rain to bead off the glass, enhancing visibility in the wet. You may also pour Cöde Auto Glass Cleaner & Polish in the washer reservoir of the car.



CODE_250ml_Chrome&MetalPolishwithCWPolish and wax the chrome and other metal areas of the vehicle. CödeClean produce a brilliant Chrome and Metal Polish with Carnauba Wax specifically for this process.






Finally, apply Cöde Wet Tyre Dressing to your tyres. This product provides an outstanding matte black finish to your tyres. If you prefer a satin finish, apply an extra coat.

Congratulations, your car has been Code cleaned! If you have any questions about the detailing sequence, please contact us online or call 1300 845 498.



Live Demonstrations

To see the detailing process in action, don’t forget to visit our stand at Motorworld Sydney Thursday 1st—Sunday 4th December at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek.


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