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Cöde Premier 40% Carnauba Wax Applicator Kit


The Cöde Premier 40% Carnauba Wax applicator is the ideal way to apply Cöde’s waxes and polishes to your vehicle. The applicator is supplied in two parts, the ergonomic handle will prevent your hand from cramping whilst waxing large areas. The applicator’s underside is velcro to enable you to attach the interchangeable and washable black wax applicator and orange polish applicator. We have also included two Cöde Microfibre Cloths to help you achieve that perfect diamond shine. The applicator kit is also available for use with polish and comes with an orange applicator pad. Replacement applicator pads are available as a single purchase via the website.

Free delivery for orders over $100

Apply Premier 40% Carnauba wax to your vehicle in one session.

Wash the black foam pad in cold water after use.



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