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Cöde Whitewall Tyre Cleaner



CödeClean is pleased to announce this revolutionary, environmentally friendly whitewall tyre cleaner. This product’s cleaning power is based solely on its physical effect, not on a chemical effect. The fluid penetrates and vibrates through the dirt to detach it gently and thoroughly from the surface. There are no toxic chemicals contained in this product. All ingredients are from renewable raw materials which are readily biodegradable. Cöde Whitewall Tyre Cleaner will remove stubborn stains such as oil, brake dust, wheel marks and other discolouring from the tyre surface. This product must be applied to a dry tyre and left to agitate for 3–5 minutes. The product should then be removed using a wet rag leaving the whitewall and the tyre surface in better than new condition.



Free delivery for orders over $100

  • The tyre must be completely dry and free of water before applying Cöde Whitewall Tyre Cleaner.
  • Spray onto dry surface and wait 2–5 minutes for the product to take action.
  • Remove product and soiling with a wet cleaning cloth.
  • Please note: Cleaning action will stop immediately when water is added. CödeClean recommend this as the first stage in detailing your car to avoid water spraying onto the tyre surface.

Keep out of reach of Children.



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