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Cöde Luxury Clay Mitt (Single)


CödeClean recommend and sell ‘clay mitt’ as a process.

The Cöde Luxury Clay Mitt is a fast, easy way to remove surface contaminants from your vehicle’s paint and glass. The Cöde Luxury Clay Mitt is constructed from a high strength microfibre with one side finished in a high-tech rubber polymer coating. It is this coating that removes surface contaminants such as industrial fall out (acid rain), bugs, tar and brake dust provided the appropriate lubricant is used in the process. The clay mitt design ensures you have a secure grip and provides an even hand pressure.

Before application the vehicle should be well rinsed. Product must not be used on hot surfaces and must be kept out of direct sunlight when not in use. Prior to applying, spray the desired section with Cöde Clay Mitt lubricant and then glide the Cöde Clay Mitt effortless over the paint surface collecting unwanted contaminants.

Cöde Clay Mitt collects unwanted particles to the mitt as it glides over the chosen surface. The Cöde Clay Mitt may be used 50–80 times and should be rinsed out regularly during the cleaning process and then thoroughly at the end of the vehicle wash. This clay mitt process may be applied to all external surfaces of the vehicle including glass and metal finishes.

Comes with a free bottle of Cöde Clay Mitt Lubricant.

Free delivery for orders over $100


  • Wash all dust, sand and loose dirt from the vehicle.
  • Rinse, keep the surface wet and do not dry.
  • Pre-soak the Cöde Clay Mitt in a bucket of Cöde clay mitt lubricant and water. Spray surface with Cöde clay mitt lubricant making sure the surface is well lubricated and begin to gently rub the polymer rubber side of the mitt over the surface with an even back and forth action. Continue to rinse the clay mitt in the bucket to keep free from grit.
  • Use a fresh microfibre cloth to dry the area once the surface contamination has been removed.
  • Do not use on hot surfaces. keep out of direct sunlight when not in use.


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