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Cöde Luxury Micro Fibre Cloth (5 Pack)


Cöde Microfibre Cloths are the ideal complement to all Cöde detailing products both exterior and interior to ensure a streak free finish.Microfibre cloths are designed to lift the dirt from the surface not push it along as a sponge or regular cloth will do. Our handy coloured 5 pack means you can keep a designated cloth for each of the detailing processes such as glass, wax, polish and metal etc. All Cöde Microfibre Cloths for this general purpose are graded 270-330GSM (Grams per square metre is simply a measurements indicator). All Cöde Microfibre Cloths can be washed and reused. In the washing process, a small amount of liquid washing detergent may be used (do not use washing powder, fabric softener and do not tumble dry). Cöde offer a microfibre colour sequence that corresponds to the detailing sequence, please refer to detailing sequence tab on the website. For more information, send us an email at or call 1300 845 498.

Free delivery for orders over $100



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